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What you pay for design is entirely up to you. What we do: We present a scope and price based on effort and value. The scope of each project depends on several factors, noted below, which result in a proposal that typically includes both fixed and variable costs. This gives YOU control over costs. And, since they sum to a small percentage of overall project costs, our fee does not affect project feasibility. 1) Physical parameters 2) Complexity 3) Depth of design and detail desired 4) Number of design iterations 5) Approvals process required 6) Construction administration desired What we do not do: We do not present a total fixed sum based on variable requirements, which can result in an overly conservative fee calculation. We do not charge based on a percentage of construction costs. This kind of fee proposal is a “rule-of-thumb-guess” that is directly tied to the cost of construction particulars and not directly associated with design effort and value.
Moderate Design Costs
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Design Costs